Last week was rank week and we had several students get promoted!


Congrats to our newest blue belts Dustin, Freddie, John, and Ken for surviving the 30 min gauntlet!

Also congrats to Casey Randolph for getting promoted to brown belt!


Muay Thai

We had a big group come out for Muay Thai ranking. Below is all our new prajiets. Congrats everyone!

Yellow Prajiets

Andrew Kurtz
Billy Shattuck
Carlos Diaz
Leo Duque
Matthew Shriver
Morgan Stewart
Preston Norris
Sarah Clements
William Offill
Zach Thomas

Green Prajiet

David Saenz
Ethan Victor
Steven Ranken

Blue 1 Prajiet

Dan Chapa



Next weekend, Watauga Coach Victor Altamirano will be fighting in Legacy 61! It will be at the Bomb Factory on Friday, October 14th. Doors open at 6:30pm and fights start at 7:00pm. If you haven't got your tickets, you can get them at…


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