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This month's life skill is Self-Respect: having respect for yourself and your possession

Self-respect can be explained as knowing that you are valuable and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Children who receive respect will learn to have self-respect.

 What are some ways to help teach self-respect to your children?



  • Share your unconditional love for them. Offering your children unconditional love is just one way children begin to feel as though they are worth being loved. There aren’t too many parents out there who don’t offer this to their children, but sometimes children don’t always understand this trait unless it is pointed out to them.

  • Explain that a wrong behavior does not make them "bad" Take for example, they get in trouble for hitting their sibling. You should try saying, "It’s not you that I am upset at, it was the action that you have done that I’m upset at." This is important for children to understand that they are not "bad" when they do something wrong, just that their actions were not good choices. Expressing yourself in this way will help reinforce your unconditional love for them.

  • Allow children to do things on their own.

Grade School (K-3rd grade) 

  • Take your children’s feelings seriously. Children need to feel as though their feelings, thoughts and opinions are important to their family or those individuals around them. This will help children maintain the self-respect that they need to succeed.

  • Listen and speak to your child with eye contact on their level.

    When children are talking to you about something that is very serious to them, be sure to be at eye level and have eye contact with them. If you are distracted and not paying attention while they are talking, they will begin to feel as though their words/feelings do not matter to you, so how could they matter to someone else? Also, be sure to speak in the same manner (with eye contact and on their level) when speaking to them.

Grades 4th-6th

  • Respect their property and privacy. One thing children begin to need as they grow, is privacy and respect of their belongings. By giving them privacy and respect (until they lose your trust or you have a strong belief that they are doing something that could cause harm to themselves or others), they will in turn learn to have respect for themselves

  • Find and expose their qualities + Share your feelings and attention.

    All children have special qualities they possess, expose these qualities with a treat! "I'm really proud of how hard you have been working. I want to show you how proud I am, lets...!"


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