2018 is almost here, and we are always looking for ways to improve where we can. Some of the things that we are improving for 2018: new kids class curriculumns, updated belts for ninjas, kids books, stripes, testing, and more!


Starting Monday, December 4th we will have a new schedule for our Ninjas class:


5:00-5:30 All Levels

5:30-5:45 Grappling for white/yellow belts and up


5:30-6:15 All Levels (no gi)


Ninja belts will now be: white belt, white/yellow belt, grey/white belt

Once Ninjas reach grey/white belt, they will be transitioned into the 5:45 Kids class, and from there transition into the 6:30 Advanced Kids class. This will help for easier transition into each class.