Keller Martial Arts - December Life Skill: Humility!

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This Month’s Life Skill: Humility

At Peak Performance, we build our kids up to be champions in life! One of the ways we do this is through our Life Skills program. We have a total of 12 Life Skills, one for every month. Each month, we go over the Life Skill: defining the skill, telling them examples, having them provide examples, working on each Life Skill at home, and we also try to incorporate the Life Skill into our class.

This month’s Life Skill is Humility: being humble; not boasting, bragging, or showing off.

How does Peak help teach Humility?

One of the ways we help teach humility to the kids in our programs, is to not allow them to brag or show off in class. In class, after every match, we have them high five, bump fists, and say good job; we do not allow them to dance around and make fun of their partner for losing. We also don’t allow them to boast before their matches, i.e. ‘haha, I’m so good! I’m gonna beat you!’. Whenever we do catch them boasting or bragging, we make sure to correct them and let them know it is not acceptable because it hurts other’s feelings. To help reinforce this to them, we reverse the roles and ask them how would they feel if someone else did it to them? They realize that it would hurt their feelings, and they apologize.

Another way we help teach them humility is by providing examples to help them recognize it outside of class. For instance, they’re playing around with their friends and win a race/game. They shouldn’t say, ‘haha, I’m so fast, you’re so slow!’. Once they get the idea, we’ll have them provide some examples; a lot of times they come up with great ones all on their own!

We also help them learn humility by staying humble. If someone gives them a compliment, have them thank that person instead of saying ‘I know!’. Also, we like to teach them to help others that are not as fortunate as them. Being the holiday season for giving, the gym typically holds a toy drive for Toys for Tots to help those less fortunate. While that requires buying a new gift, something that the kids could do would be to look for a toy that they don’t play with much anymore, and donate it to a different charity or possibly gift it to a child that they know is not as fortunate as them.


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