Life Skill: Positive Thinking!

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At Peak Performance, we build our kids up to be champions in life! One of the ways we do this is through our Life Skills program. We have a total of 12 Life Skills, one for every month. Each month, we go over the Life Skill: defining the skill, telling them examples, having them provide examples, working on each Life Skill at home, and we also try to incorporate the Life Skill into our class.

This month’s Life Skill is Positive Thinking: seeing the good in every situation.


What are some of the ways Peak helps teach positive thinking?


Never say, “I can’t!”

Learning Jiu Jitsu can be difficult, especially in our advanced classes where they learn more complex moves, transitions, and learn to roll/wrestle around. It is difficult to apply the techniques they’ve learned while their partner is resisting and countering, so often times they get frustrated and say, “I can’t!” However, we don’t allow them to think this way! We encourage them that they can accomplish what they think they can’t, and we coach them through it. This teaches them that they are able to accomplish anything that they put their minds to.

Having a positive "I can do it" attitude will also help them in every day  life. For example, if they're having trouble with their homework, instead of getting frustrated, quitting, and refusing to continue; they can take a step back, reassure themselves they CAN do it, and ask for help.


Never quit!

In Jiu Jitsu, you have to constantly be moving. If you stop in a particular position, it makes it more difficult to get out. A lot of times, when our kids get in a difficult position, i.e.: they have been mounted, their partner has taken their back, they’re stuck in an attempted submission, etc…, they want to give up, quit. However, we don’t allow them to quit. We make them keep moving, inch by inch, until they’ve succeeded in getting to a more desirable position. This teaches them that you shouldn’t quit when things get hard, you keep working at it until you’ve succeeded.  


Think good thoughts about others and yourself

One great way to start learning to think positively is by, of course, thinking good thoughts! What better way to learn to think positively than to stop yourself when you are thinking bad thoughts and turn it around?

We consider everyone at Peak Performance as family, part of one big TEAM. We encourage everyone to help each other out and encourage each other. We help teach this in our kid’s classes by having them motivate each other. We have our kids tell their partners that they did a good job, clap for one another, and always slap hands and bump fist before and after every match. This helps teach them to think positively towards everyone, and to not allow them to have negative thoughts towards one another.



At the end of every class, we always try to go over what the Life Skill of the month is, and we always have them provide examples. We also assign them simple homework in which they have to share next time in class. By doing this, it causes them to think about the Life Skill more, and not just in class. In class, we have them provide examples of what they think positive thinking is and what are some positive thoughts that they have had throughout the day. We also have them go home and think of some positive thoughts, share them with their parents, and then share it with the class the next day. This encourages them to always be thinking positively.

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