Keller Kids Jiu Jitsu -- Focus Life Skill Week 3!

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This month's life skill is Focus - to pay attention

Focus is a really important skill to have in life. So what are some great ways we help teach the kids to focus more in class?

Technique Breakdown

In class, we break down each technique into steps: Start in x postion, step 1 is...step 2 is...etc. This helps them from getting overwhelmed when attempting to do the move themselves. They are able to break down a more complicated move into several steps and mark off each step in their head as they do them.

Have them Repeat Back

We go over each technique several times to make sure they understand what to do. As we go over the moves, we will have them explain what to do next. Not only does this help cement the steps into their mind, but it also lets us know that they are paying attention.

Listening/Eye Contact

Listening and having eye contact is important when focusing. So, when we go over the techniques, we always make sure that they have their attention on us. If they get distract, we are sure to redirect their attention back to class.

Focusing on Their Partners

It's important that they are focusing on their parters, especially when they are drilling their moves, so that both of them don't get hurt.  


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