Keller Kids BJJ -- July Life Skill: Kindness!

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July Life Skill: Kindness

At Peak Performance, we build our kids up to be champions in life!

One of the ways we do this is through our Life Skills program. We have a total of 12 Life Skills, one for every month. Each month, we go over the Life Skill: defining the skill, telling them examples, having them provide examples, working on each Life Skill at home, and we also try to incorporate the Life Skill into our class.

This months Life Skill is Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous, considerate; a kind act.

How does Peak help teach Kindness in our kids program?

We at Peak believe that Kindness is a very important life skill to have. By teaching our kids at a young age to be nice, have compassion and consideration, and to be friendly, we prevent them from becoming bullies later on in life.

One of the ways we teach the kids kindness is through being helpful. We make sure, from their very first class, that they are helping one another out. We teach them to be good partners, to help one another learn their moves, help each other out when they are struggling or have fallen down, help coach their teammates from the sidelines when we do “Takedown Wars,” and even in our team building game at the end of class.

Not only do we have them try to be helpful in class, but we encourage them to see how they can be helpful, nice, and considerate in other areas as well. Take for example, what can they help their parents do? Can they help them clean up, bring the groceries in, hold the door open for them? Can they give them compliments?  How about sharing? Can they share a snack with a friend, or can they share their toys?

Another way we teach them to be kind is through thoughtful words of encouragement. At the end of every match of Takedown Wars, we have the kids say “Good Job.” This helps promote a positive atmosphere, and teaches the kids to say encouraging things to one another. We also make sure that they do not say negative things to each as well.

At the end of class, we always go over the life skill. We sit in a circle and have them come up with different ways that they can show kindness. It's always great to hear the answers that they come up with!


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