Life Skill: Initiative!

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This Month’s Life Skill: Initiative

At Peak Performance, we build our kids up to be champions in life! One of the ways we do this is through our Life Skills program. We have a total of 12 Life Skills, one for every month. Each month, we go over the Life Skill: defining the skill, telling them examples, having them provide examples, working on each Life Skill at home, and we also try to incorporate the Life Skill into our class.

This month’s Life Skill is Initiative!

Initiative, the act of doing something that needs to be done before you are asked, is a great skill to have all around! When you are young, it helps you learn your responsibilities and what needs to be done. Later in life, showing initiative will help you advance in the workplace. Even out in society, if you take the initiative to start something great or to get something completed, it will benefit others.

So, how does Peak help teach Initiative in our kids program?

One of the many ways that we teach the kids to show initiative is by doing things before their parents ask them to do it. For example, before going to school they can get themselves ready: eat breakfast, brush their teeth, get dressed, get their backpack together...when they get home: they can start their homework, do their chores, clean up..before going to bed: they can clean up the dinner plates, take a shower/bath, brush their teeth, change into their pjs...etc.

Another way we teach initiative is if they see something that needs to be done, they can go ahead and do it. Take for example, if we use equipment in class and we finish using it, they can take the initiative to start putting it up when we’re done with it. If they see trash laying around, clean it up, or if the trash is full, take it out. Also, if they see that someone needs help, they can go over and help them.

Also, every class we are sure to refresh their minds about the life skill of the month. We have them define the skill and think of different examples of how to show it. It's always great to hear them come up the many different ways they can show inititative!


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