Did you know that 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world?

No child should ever go hungry! That’s why this March, we’re stepping in to help stop hunger. Through our partnership with Causely and feedOne, check-ins at our location will provide meals to children in need.

Every 2 check-ins provides a meal to a child in need. Remember to add #meals4kids when you check in! 

For more information about this month’s charity, visit https://feedone.com.

Check out all of the good our Peak donations have done around the World!
  • In February we provided 63 bowls of food for a guide dog in training.
  • In January we provided 22 coats to people in need.
  • In December we provided 13 books to children in need.
  • In November we educated 2795 men on the risks of prostate cancer.
  • In October we provided 98 women access to a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment.
  • In September we provided 360 bowels of food for rescue animals!
  • In August we donated 60 bricks to help build schools!
  • In July we donated 15,850 gallons of drinking water 
  • In June we donated 28 pairs of shoes to kids in need!
  • In May we donated 694 days of Prenatal Vitamins for Mothers In Need.
  • In April we donated 144 minutes of Autism Therapy for a child in need.
  • In March we helped provide 258 sight restoring surgeries.
  • In February we provided 29 hours of Animal Shelter Care!
  • In January we provided 11 Coats for Kids!!!
  • In December 2015 we provided 7 kids with cancer toys for Christmas.
  • In November 2015 we set a new donation record and provided 210 meals for Brumese Children in need.
  • In October 2015 we raised enough money to provide 36 women with a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment! We set a school record for check in donations!
  • In September 2015 we donated 14,100 gallons of purified water with our partnership with H2Open Doors!
  • In August 2015 we donated 23 bricks towards building a school in Nicaragua!
Each month our donations have increased via Facebook checkins.
I know we can do way better than that this month. Each check in costs you nothing, but Peak Performance makes a donation each month to a different charity.

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