This April we’re happy to support Autism Awareness month by partnering with Causely and The Autism Site to provide therapy for children with autism.

Every 2 check-ins provides one minute of therapy to an autistic child and their family.

The Autism Site provides access to incredible play therapy sessions which promote long-term and short-term memory, stimulate language, negotiation and communication skills. It also nourishes the family by relieving stress and forging important emotional bonds. 

Take a quick glance at The Autism Site’s Facebook page and blog to see how their therapy makes a difference in the lives of the children and their families:
Remember to add #autismawareness when you check in! 

Check out all of the good our Peak donations have done around the World!
  • In March we provided 137 meals to a child in need.
  • In February we provided 63 bowls of food for a guide dog in training.
  • In January we provided 22 coats to people in need.
  • In December we provided 13 books to children in need.
  • In November we educated 2795 men on the risks of prostate cancer.
  • In October we provided 98 women access to a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment.
  • In September we provided 360 bowels of food for rescue animals!
  • In August we donated 60 bricks to help build schools!
  • In July we donated 15,850 gallons of drinking water 
  • In June we donated 28 pairs of shoes to kids in need!
  • In May we donated 694 days of Prenatal Vitamins for Mothers In Need.
  • In April we donated 144 minutes of Autism Therapy for a child in need.
  • In March we helped provide 258 sight restoring surgeries.
  • In February we provided 29 hours of Animal Shelter Care!
  • In January we provided 11 Coats for Kids!!!
  • In December 2015 we provided 7 kids with cancer toys for Christmas.
  • In November 2015 we set a new donation record and provided 210 meals for Brumese Children in need.
  • In October 2015 we raised enough money to provide 36 women with a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment! We set a school record for check in donations!
  • In September 2015 we donated 14,100 gallons of purified water with our partnership with H2Open Doors!
  • In August 2015 we donated 23 bricks towards building a school in Nicaragua!
Each month our donations have increased via Facebook checkins.
I know we can do way better than that this month. Each check in costs you nothing, but Peak Performance makes a donation each month to a different charity.

Learn more about our Team and our Story Here.